We are the industry leader
in global hospitality procurement.
TPC provides peace-of-mind in project purchasing and significant cost savings to its customers. Our proprietary Internet based technology llinx , gives clients, suppliers, shippers and installers an interactive purchasing system that coordinates all project activities from budgeting through purchasing, expediting and installation.

TPC was founded in 1969 by Leonard Parker. Leonard is an industry icon and winner of numerous awards including the Platinum Circle award for lifetime achievement in hospitality purchasing. Leonard was the creator of "Agent Only" purchasing and led the industry in transparency in purchasing practices.

TPC has worked with all major hotel chains in addition to independent hotels, resorts, and arenas. Having completed a host of international hospitality projects at every quality level, we are well suited to handle the purchasing needs of any size and quality project anywhere on the globe.

Our Company was built on a commitment to excellence.

Our mission is to be the industry leader in global
hospitality procurement and consulting, by leveraging
state of the art systems with established expertise
to benefit a wide range of customers.
DOUG PARKER - President, CEO & Partner
PHILIP PARKER - COO - OS&E Division & Partner
MITCH PARKER -  COO - FF&E Division & Partner
 LINDA HEIN - Senior Vice President
TITUS D.F. VAN DER WERF - Managing Director - EMEA
 DON LOCKERBIE - Managing Director – Sports & Events Division
MARILYN WEBB - Senior Project Director - FF&E Division
CHERYN PURCELL -  Senior Project Director - FF&E Division
NANCY SMITH - Senior Project Director - FF&E Division
RUTH ARSENIJEVIC - Senior Project Director - FF&E Division
VIVIAN ALVAREZ -  Project Director – FF&E Division
KATHERINE STEINBERG -  Project Director – FF&E Division
FABIAN GONZALEZ - Project Director – OS&E Division
JAIME RIVAS - Project Director – OS&E Division
ALYSSA WESTMEYER  -  Project Director – OS&E Division
For more than 45 years we have set the standard for
hospitality procurement.